Bridge Loans

Short-term (usually one to five years) loan advanced to cover the period between the termination of one loan and the start of another. It is arranged generally to complete a purchase (such as a new property) before the borrower receives payment from a sale (of the old house), or before a long-term loan is made available upon fulfillment of its requirements (such as commissioning of a facility or a plant). Also called bridge finance, bridging loan, or gap financing.

Bridge Loan Lending Guidelines:

Property Types:             All property types considered, except owner-occupied residential
Lending Area:               Nationwide
Loan Size:                     From $2,000,000 through $100,000,000.
Loan Term:                    12 to 60 months
Amortization:                Interest only usually
Interest Rate:                 From 7.99%
Loan-To-Value:              Up to 75%
Prepayment Penalty:     On a case by case basis
Recourse:                       Typically, there will be recourse to Sponsors
Expense Deposit:           Adequate to cover 3rd party reports, legal fees, & customary expenses

We will review all loan submissions within 24 hours of receipt. For fastest processing and an immediate response please send an executive summary and PFS to For certain transactions, additional information may be required.

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